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The Global Yet Local ERP Software Solutions Provider

Posibolt has been empowering businesses across the globe with world-class ERP software. With an active customer base in Middle East, we understand the unique business requirements. Whether you’re looking for FTA/VAT compliance, e-invoicing solutions, van sales optimization, or Arabic support, Posibolt has you covered.

Worried About E-invoicing Compliance in Saudi Arabia?

Posibolt’s ZATCA compliant e-invoicing solution meets all the criteria and guidelines set forth by Saudi Arabia’s tax authority. Leave your billing concerns and challenges to us so you can focus on what really matters, i.e. growing your business!


Support That’s Just Around the Corner

At Posibolt, customer support is a top priority. In fact, we have customer support centers located in several countries in the Middle East. When you opt for one of our software solutions, you can be assured of quick and efficient support 24/7, either on-call, on-site, by live chat, or by e-mail!

Enabling Business Growth with Powerful


AMRI (UAE) opted for Posibolt’s multi-store, omnichannel retail ERP software including an online e-commerce storefront, topped with a powerful layer of Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics to overcome its business challenges. The resulting improvements in efficiency, inventory management, visibility, and business processes empowered AMRI to increase sales, enhance trust with vendors, improve cash flow management, and make better business decisions.


Gulf Pharmacy (GCT - Bahrain) switched to Posibolt’s retail pharmacy solution for its ability to support the business scale-up plans and seamlessly integrate with SAP. The hybrid, multi-store solution resulted in comprehensive, end-to-end control, improvements in business processes, enhanced visibility and business insights, and better customer engagement and sales.


Al Majed Group (Qatar) opted for Posibolt’s apparel POS solution for Al Majed Fashion, and the restaurant POS solution for Bo’s Coffee. The solutions included powerful features that enabled Al Majed Group to streamline operations, increase sales, and improve inventory management in each of its business ventures. While the apparel POS solution is notable for its single-brand and multi-brand store deployment and multi-currency support, the QSR POS software is noteworthy for its consumption-based stock management system.

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Popular in the MIDDLE EAST

As part of the comprehensive suite of retail ERP solutions that Posibolt offers, here are some of the niche solutions specially crafted for the Middle East

Van Sales Software

Increase sales, improve service, speed up collections and reclaim your peace of mind with the innovative features of Posibolt's salesforce automation solution.

E Invoicing

Ensure regulatory compliance, tamper-proof your data, and configure your invoices with the features you want using Posibolt's comprehensive e Invoicing solution.

VAT implementation

Posibolt’s VAT solution includes comprehensive tools to set up the product master data and accounting heads with extensive reporting capabilities and handy features that help you in timely compliance.

Warehouse Management System

Level up your trading and distribution business with powerful tools in our Warehouse Management System that help you build effective pricing strategies, offer discounts to incentivize your customers, create seasonal promotions and campaigns, and simplify your shipment planning, logistics, taxation, and delivery management.

Join Leading MIDDLE EAST Business Groups Excelling with Posibolt’s ERP SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS

POSibolt ERP Features


Opt for cloud ERP software (Online), an on-premise solution (Offline), or a hybrid model. The choice is yours!


Major growth plans on the horizon? Great! Our scalable ERP software solution is designed to help your business grow and will grow right alongside you.


Posibolt’s end-to-end ERP software system covers sales, supply chain/inventory management, accounting, asset management, purchasing, manufacturing, and HR processes.


Refer to dynamic Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics reports to gain insights into your business performance and make informed decisions.

3rd Party Integration

Our open architecture allows for seamless integration with a variety of devices (barcode/QR code/RFID/Biometric/Card Readers, etc) and solutions, including pre-existing ones dealing with other verticals.

Real-Time Updates

Get real-time updates on all your business processes, giving you unprecedented visibility and control for optimal performance.

Industry-Ready Solutions

We have industry-ready solutions for apparel and footwear stores, restaurants, supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies, supply chain management, and warehouse management.

Statutory Compliances

Posibolt supports a wide variety of compliances such as indirect taxes like VAT and GST and other legal compliances around the world.

Point of Sale Software Features

Omnichannel Approach

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by giving them multiple ways to buy your products. Sell your wares through an online store, telesales, an aggregator, or the traditional brick-and-mortar store - all supported by our omnichannel POS software.

Simplified Tax and Legal Compliance

Our solutions are designed to simplify tax and legal compliance, with all your accounting information in one place and features that fulfill the regulatory requirements in the Middle East. 

Third-Party Integration

Switch to Posibolt’s comprehensive POS solution while keeping your existing infrastructure for other business verticals. Our open architecture allows for seamless integration.

Intuitive UI

Posibolt’s simple and intuitive user interface allows you to speed up billing by reducing navigation and number of clicks. Take care of the entire sales transaction from a single screen, whether you’re handling billing, discounts, customer returns, multiple payment modes, CRM entries, promotions, or loyalty programs. 


With security features such as a tamper-proof audit trail, role-based access management, and highly controlled software time change, you can rest easy knowing your financial data is secure.

Speedy Checkouts

Speed up checkouts and reduce queues with on-premise billing capability and automation features such as auto-capture, parallel processing, and optimized sales entry.

Customer Relationship Management

Delighting your customers is easy with loyalty programs, special promotions, and easily accessible customer profiles. As everyone knows, happy customers equal better sales.

Performance Analysis Report

Improve business processes and make informed decisions using the insights from our visual dashboards and MIS reports.

Van Sales Software Features

Real-time Inventory Management

Get real-time information and remote visibility into your inventory, no matter where it is. Wireless/handheld PDA devices update van stock and customer account-related information on the go.

Improve Customer Relationships

Delight your customers with efficient delivery services and agile/on-the-spot ordering. Build their trust with instant sales invoices and accurate and timely customer statements.

Accelerate Collections

Keep a tight control on your outstanding invoices with an accurate picture of the receivables situation and invoice aging. 

Optimize Your Salesforce

Monitor your salesforce with GPS-based tracking and sales monitoring, support them with task reminders and notifications, and contact them for an unexpected change of plans. 

Better Cross-Selling and Upselling

Improve sales by equipping your salesforce with records of your customers’ purchase history, boosting your upselling and cross-selling capabilities.

Optimize Your Resources

Do away with time-consuming data entry tasks, save fuel with the route optimization tool, and optimize communication, saving time and money for your business.

Eliminate Data Inconsistencies

With a single source of truth that tracks your resources and records your data with all its integrity and security in real-time at every step of your van sales process, you never have to worry about data inconsistencies again.

Give Your Business a Boost

Transform the way you manage your van sales business with effective reports that facilitate accurate decision-making and improve how you handle your inventory, load your van, plan your route, keep yourself updated, and engage with your customers. 

Why POSibolt ?

Posibolt Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a leading provider of world-class Point of Sale (POS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management and Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) since its inception in 2011. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Posibolt has happy and loyal customers spread across 10 countries.

Posibolt is a versatile business process management software that enables organizations to manage core business functions related to sales, purchase, stores, warehousing, distribution, finance, and human resources efficiently and integrates the operational needs of all departments and functions while serving each department's specific needs.

Hassle-Free Deployment

Count on us for quick and reliable cloud or on-premise deployment with zero outages.

Local Presence/ Customer Support

Be assured of timely, efficient customer support with Posibolt’s local presence in the Middle East.

User-Centred Design

The success of a software solution is founded on the ease with which it can be employed. This is why Posibolt has an intuitive, responsive, and configurable user interface and can be accessed via the web, mobile apps, and handheld PDAs.

Complete ERP Software

Posibolt’s cloud ERP software has you covered on all fronts – whether for sales, inventory, purchase, accounting, or human resources, you can be assured of a powerful, industry-ready solution that will enhance your business performance and growth.

Reseller Presence

Meet with our resellers and have in-person conversations – discuss your requirements, find out more about our product, and get your questions answered to help you decide which solution is best for you.

Years in Existence

With 10 years of experience serving diverse clients around the world, we understand your business needs and empower you to take your growth to the next level.

Multi-Currency Support

Posibolt’s retail ERP solutions support multi-currency transactions to empower you no matter where your businesses lie.

Omni-Channel Experience

Give your customers a seamless omnichannel shopping experience and boost your sales with Posibolt’s omnichannel retail solution.

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